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Friday, January 8, 2010

Tips To Winning Blog Giveaways

In recent years, blogs have had a major boom on the web. With this boom there came an abundance of "Mommy Bloggers" and these bloggers publish great articles about what products you can use on your children along with various product reviews. If that was all they did then their blogs
would probably be pretty boring.

 So, they contact various sponsors and ask if they can review their products in exchange for an item to giveaway to their loyal followers. And that's where you come in.

I figure, if you are looking at this article then you are more than likely wondering why you haven't won any of these giveaways. So I have come up with a how-to guide to winning more often.

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tannawings said...

I think too that people need to make sure they qualify. Some are just for the US, some just for Canada etc. The other is make sure what you are trying to win is something you will use- for example since this is for the HYVEE card- make sure you have one in your state-there is nothing worse than winning (finally) and not being able to use it :)

MomUnion said...

Thanks for the great tips. I've been entering blog sweeps for a long time now and I really enjoy reading the reviews. The goal is, of course, to win but there is so much more than that. I've learned so many hints, tips, recipes, the list could go on forever. I consider that a big bonus. Seriously. I'd like add to what Tannawings (above) was saying about being sure you qualify for the contest and that you can use the product, I also say that you should choose your contests wisely. I don't enter contests for items I really don't need. My daughter is 16, I'm not pregnant and I don't know anybody that's pregnant so I don't enter giveaways for pregnancy/newborn items. #1 It's a waste of time that I could be spending entering for other contests. #2 If I do win, selling it on Ebay won't get me much. #3 Someone who could use the product should have a better chance to win. That's just my opinion. Wow, long opinion, huh?

Jennai said...

I sure wish bloggers posting contests would be more clear on when their contest expires AND how they will contact the winner! Say 11:59 PM, not Midnight -- some interpret Midnight to be the beginning of the day, others the end of the day. And please state clearly if the entrant needs to check back or if you will e-mail them -- I spend so much time checking back (and I have to look all over the blog for the info) when 90% of the time this was probably unnecessary -- if they had just said!