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Alot of people ask me: "Why did you name your blog All things Sizzle?" and I tell them "Because, I love to try new things...exspecially things that are Hot and steamy:meaning:COOL." The next thing they ask me is: Are you talking about indecent things on your blog? No!!!! All things sizzle never talks about indecent things as it is a FAMILY friendly blog. We talk about great products,great food,great books,great giveaways and HOT deals. Who are you as a person? My name is Katie. I'm an aunt,fiance,sister, and childcare provider who also blogs and Works part time. I have a cat and I love love love coffee! (I know I'm all over the place!!)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Making Money Blogging?

Hey guys,
I was checking on some sites like: elance and pay-per post. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make some extra income?

email me at: katieandbobby10(at)

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Dawn said...

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Sheila Broadway said...

Im a stay at home mom (I live in vegas and I found you because I watch your sisters youtube videos. Your niece is the cutest!) I make some extra money by working at ChaCha. You can go to and check it out. Its not a scam, you make real money.

Crystal H. said...

I am just stopping in to say hi Katie! I have only made $30 with my blog and that was two opps that fell into my lap (one I posted a link, the other I did a blog post). I have been thinking about joining pay-per-post also when I hit my 3 month mark (3 days away!) I would be curious to know if you find any good info.

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