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Alot of people ask me: "Why did you name your blog All things Sizzle?" and I tell them "Because, I love to try new things...exspecially things that are Hot and steamy:meaning:COOL." The next thing they ask me is: Are you talking about indecent things on your blog? No!!!! All things sizzle never talks about indecent things as it is a FAMILY friendly blog. We talk about great products,great food,great books,great giveaways and HOT deals. Who are you as a person? My name is Katie. I'm an aunt,fiance,sister, and childcare provider who also blogs and Works part time. I have a cat and I love love love coffee! (I know I'm all over the place!!)

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Four Monkeys Giveaways!!!

My Four Monkeys

Perricone MD giveaway Ends 2/22/2010

Plus more!!!!

Lot's of giveaways and lot's of ways to win!!! 


Crystal said...

Hey Katie! I have an award for you at Thrifty and Frugal Living: